How Can a Man Get Pregnant?

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The idea of a man getting pregnant seems impossible. However, as the world witnessed, not only did one man recently get pregnant, but so did another one. To the astonishment of countless people, both of these men successfully gave birth to a baby. So, how in the world is this possible? In both of these cases, this event was made possible by the fact that both of these men were born as women. As a result, they already had ovaries and the other necessary reproductive organs to become pregnant. While this is how both of these men were able to become pregnant, it’s not the only way that a man could carry a child.

Although it has never been attempted, specialists believe that it could be possible to impregnate a normal man through the use of an ectopic implant. This would require several steps. First, the implant would need to be made in a man’s stomach. Next, an attachment would need to be made between one of the man’s organs and the placenta. Finally, when the baby reached its full development, doctors would have to operate and perform a C-section to get the baby out of the man’s stomach.

While this form of male pregnancy is believed to be possible, not only are there ethical reasons that it has never been done, but there are also serious health risks that would have to be addressed. Because a man’s body isn’t designed to carry a baby, it is quite likely that this type of pregnancy would be fatal to a man attempting to carry a baby.

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