Thomas Beatie To Talk About Having Another Child

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By now, Thomas Beatie has surely become really famous. He has actually become widely known as the first pregnant men who gave birth to three children. Even though Thomas Beatie and his life partner, Nancy, seemed to be a very happy couple despite the fame and all controversy surrounding them, it looks like their relationship could not last for the rest of time. So, after 10 years together, Nancy and Thomas separated. The event took place last year. Thomas claimed that the reason why this relationship ended was actually linked to Nancy’s problems with alcohol abuse.


Well, Thomas Beatie has been able to quickly move on, leaving this story behind him. He now has a new girlfriend and the two are actually willing to have more children. Still, the happy couple has one more thing to decide upon: which one of them will carry the new baby.

“We would have to check out our fertility options. Right now we have some of the same sperm used with the three children that I’ve had,” Thomas explained in an interview, according to RadarOnline. “We have two vials left at California Bank and there’s a clinic in San Francisco that we might seek advice from,” he added.


Thomas Beatie became a star about 4 years ago when he give birth to a baby girl. Nancy, his wife at that time, was unable to conceive. After the separation from Nancy, Thomas began dating the children’s daycare director, Amber Nichols. However, in this latest interview, Thomas claimed that the separation from Nancy has not been easy at all. The famous transgender man explained that the two have been separated since March, when the papers were filled, “but basically I didn’t wear my wedding ring for a year prior to that.”


Thomas Beatie received the custody of his children, but the star declared that the two actually share parenting time. Anyway, until that happened, Thomas has faced quite a huge challenge. A judge deputed the fact that Thomas is legally a man. Still, in the end things turned out right for Thomas, who is happy now. He and his new girlfriend are willing to become parents and they surely seem to be really in love.

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Pre-Pregnancy Diet Tips For Men

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Men who want to become pregnant need a pre-pregnancy diet. Their health is very important to fertility and to giving birth to a healthy baby. Men should give up smoking, drinking, lying around hot tubs and reduce cell phone use. Nonetheless, food intake is also extremely important. There are some foods that should be avoided and others should be eaten regularly.


Soy may have adverse effects and it should be avoided. Studies also showed that soy intakes is related to lower sperm concentration. There are other specialists claiming that Asians who eat soy regularly, have a high reproduction rate. Nonetheless, the study doesn’t show that soy affects sperm quality, but only the quantity. Men during their pre-pregnancy should limit the amount of soy to approximately 25 to 50 grams per day.


Low levels of folate increase the number of sperm abnormalities. Thus, men that don’t consume too much folate, will have a reduced motility of their sperm and lower overall sperm. Fortunately, folate is found in many common foods such as collard greens, broccoli, beets, romaine lettuce, calf’s liver, lentils, spinach and beans.


Vitamins and minerals play an important role in male fertility, helping the baby be healthy. Some of the most important vitamins are vitamin E, C, but also other substances such as zinc and selenium. There are some vitamins and foods that your doctor may recommend to include in your diet or to avoid. He is the only one who knows which is the best thing for you.

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Pregnant Men in Movies and TV Series

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Pregnant men used to be the theme of science fiction movies and TV series. However, the past few years have shown that the ideas developed in the past are now possible through the advancement of technology and of modern researches. Therefore, the idea of the pregnant man has been made famous far before the actual occurrences in the real world.

Rabbit Test came out in 1978 and was written and directed by Joan Rivers. The movie featured a young man named Lionel, played by Billy Crystal, who discovers that he is the world’s first pregnant man after having a one-night stand. Here is the trailer of the movie:

Junior is probably the most famous pregnant man movie. Released in 1994, it featured a pregnant Arnold Schwarzenegger, who played Dr. Alex Hesse. Alongside with Dr. Larry Arbogast, played by Danny DeVito, Dr. Alex conducts a fertility research and agrees to carry the pregnancy himself. In the video bellow, you can see the movie trailer:

Red Dwarf was a series aired on BBC in the period 1988-1999 and on Dave from 2009 until 2012. In one of the episodes, the main character, Dave Lister, becomes pregnant with a female version of himself from a parallel universe. In the following video, you can see the “dad scene”:

American Dad is one of the most appreciated series of animated comedies today. Started in 2005, the show features the idea of the pregnant man in the episode “Deacon Stan, Jesus Man”, in which the family finds out that Steve is pregnant:

These are some of the most noticeable scenes and episodes from movies and TV series in which the idea of the pregnant man is considered. Although this occurrence is an actual viable possibility now, the plays on the idea still have twists and turns on the theme. Regardless of the way in which audiences consider the subject, the idea of the pregnant man is one that will surely become more and more known and debated in the future.

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The Pregnant Man Thomas Beatie Finds Love Again and Wants Another Baby

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Since causing international controversy back in 2007 with his pregnancy, the transgender man Thomas Beatie has gone on to give birth to 3 children with his wife, Nancy. Or ex-wife, to be more exact, since the couple are now separated. Their 10-year relationship broke down after Nancy started to drink heavily. This also resulted in Thomas being granted sole custody of their children Austin, Jensen, and Susan.

Thomas, Nancy and the Kids

He is now battling with the courts to get divorced from his wife Nancy, as an Arizona judge is skeptical in recognizing their marriage as being legal, since both of them have female sex organs. This means that their union could equate to a same sex marriage, which is not legal in Arizona. “Divorce is never fun. This is extremely complicated and uncharted territory“, said Beatie when he appeared on the TV show This Morning.

Meanwhile, it seems that the world’s first pregnant man has found love again and, moreover, wants another child. He fell in love with day care worker Amber Nicolas, who also wants children. The question is, who will become pregnant this time around?

Thomas and Amber

In an interview with the Sunday Mirror, Thomas Beatie said that if Amber struggles to conceive, then he is happy to step in. “Amber and I are totally smitten. We would love kids together and we are already discussing it“, said the 39-year-old.

He also said that being pregnant is one of the most incredible experiences of his life, but that he wants Amber to do it this time around. “I think it would be amazing to experience pregnancy as the father“, Thomas added. His ex, Nancy, was unable to get pregnant because of a hysterectomy she underwent 25 years ago.

Surgeons agree that it is best for Amber to carry the child, because Thomas is biologically a man following a full sex change 5 years ago. However, he still has his womb, so it is still physically possible for him to become pregnant. 

Thomas, Amber and the Kids

The couple are clearly eager to have a baby, since they even thought about the possibility of being pregnant at the same time. “Amber suggested we both try to get pregnant and whoever gets there first goes through with it“. 

Regarding his relationship with Nancy, Thomas Beatie said: “She is working out some issues but she is still a friend and hopefully one day she will be better and be able to co-parent our children“. Well, even though he is going through a divorce, the pregnant man has another lady by his side and they both have the same wish: to have a baby together.

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What Seemed To Be A Beautiful Marriage Is Now Over

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Thomas Beatie is one of the most famous men in the world. He was pregnant and brought three children to the world. Although Beatie is legally a man, he was not actually one when he got pregnant, he was transgender and he kept his feminine reproductive parts. When he married Nancy, in 2003, they chose to let him carry their babies, as she was infertile. The couple used cryogenic donated sperm and Beatie “solved the problem” in the privacy of their own home. The experience was later related in The Advocate. In 2008, Beatie gave birth for the first time, to Susan Juliette, on June 29. One year later, on June 9, he gave birth to a boy that he and his wife named Austin Alexander. On July 25, 2010, Beatie gave birth to their last child, another boy, Jensen James. Since then, he had phalloplasty in order to have a penis and he mentioned that he also considers having a hysterectomy. Unfortunately, his marriage with Nancy is now over. One of the main problem is not the divorce, as many people live this sad experience, but the reason for which the couple decided to part ways. Beatie accuses now Nancy she is an abusive alcoholic and she is violent. Apparently, all these years their marriage wasn’t so happy as they wanted to make believe.



One proof that will probably help Beatie in the divorce is a short footage he made at home when he found his wife passed out in their children’s room. When she woke up she was violent to the kids and to Beatie, but he caught all on tape. In the video, Nancy is clearly wasted, she screams and she trows with things. Allegedly, she also attacked Beatie several times. Captures from the footages leaked online and it became clear to everyone that he is the one that deserves to have the sole custody of their children, as requested.

In present, Beatie lives in Arizona. He recently filled for bankruptcy and he and his three kids are currently living on welfare. He desires to find a job because he wants to support his family and hopes justice will be on his side in the divorce battle that will soon follow.

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Things to Know About the Pregnant Man

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If you think you have seen it all, then you are wrong. How about a pregnant man? There are already cases of men giving birth. As weird as it may seem, it is possible, with a lot of medical intervention nonetheless. Two male pregnancy stories stand out because of recent media exposure. Thomas Beatie is the more popular, but not necessarily the more controversial. Beatie was biologically born a woman, but he defines himself as a man. Since he has the biological make up necessary to conceive and carry a baby, his story about becoming pregnant as a man is of great controversy. Many sceptics assert that Beatie is not really a man, thus making the story a hoax.

The question whether it is possible for a man to be pregnant gets a surprising answer with the help of science. Another case of male pregnancy is the one of Lee Mingwei. Biologically, he was born a man. So, no uterus there. He claimed that he never wanted to become a female nor does he have any inclination to have male to female reassignment surgery. He just wanted to be part of an experiment. Many researchers from the scientific community have divided opinions. On one hand, some of them are actually glad this experiment took place. On the other hand, others are very reluctant about it. They know for sure that the female body is designed to have babies. It is the natural thing to happen, while men just provide the genetic material, so to speak.

The experiment itself is very risky because a foetus is implanted in the abdomen area of the man, where the uterus should be, thus inducing an ectopic pregnancy. If the foetus develops properly and there are no severe illnesses or other abnormalities, then the baby is delivered by Cesarean section. There are may risks when it comes to the delivery, since the placenta can stick to the other vital organs in the abdomen area. If we define gender as something psychological, then we can assert that Beatie is a man by definition, especially after the surgery. One can assume that many women who had babies defined themselves as males. Additionally, if we define gender as biological state, then Migwei would be the first pregnant man to date since has a male anatomy.

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The Science of Male Pregnancy

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You might think that male pregnancy is something that belongs to science-fiction, but scientists are now making progress in this respective. In the near future, the pregnant man will be the one carrying the child. In the years since the first test tube baby was born in 1978, physicians and scientists from RYT Hospital have been working to develop a viable technique for the successful impregnation of male individuals. Male pregnancy is still in the experimental stage and will not be available to the public in the immediate future.

In vitro fertilisation techniques were used to induce an ectopic pregnancy by implanting an embryo and placenta into the abdominal cavity, just under the peritoneum. Lee Mingwei will be the first human male to ever birth a baby from his own body. He underwent several steps before being implanted the embryo. Oral doses of female hormones were administered to Lee Mingwei to make him receptive to the pregnancy. IVF techniques were used to induce an ectopic pregnancy by implanting an embryo and placenta into the abdominal cavity, just under or into the peritoneum. There is a severe risk of massive haemorrhage when the ectopic ruptures. This is also the most common cause of women dying in pregnancy. 

Once implantation was complete, Mr. Lee stopped taking hormones, because the pregnancy itself, as expected, took over. The embryo secretes sufficient hormones to maintain its own growth and development. The duration of the pregnancy has been normal. Mr. Lee was kept under constant surveillance. The delivery will be made by means of Caesarean section to remove the baby and the placenta. Removal of the placenta is the real danger because it forms such intimate connections with the surrounding vessels that massive haemorrhage is likely. Implantation may have also involved other structures in the abdomen, including the bowel and it is possible that parts of other organs may need to be removed. The scientific community is very reluctant to this new discovery. Most of them are against, since they say that women are the only ones who can carry a pregnancy under normal conditions. Moreover, the concept of ectopic implantation and pregnant man, while theoretically plausible, has never been attempted and would be difficult to justify, even for women lacking a uterus, owing to the extreme health risks to both the parent and the child.

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Changing The Laws – The Pregnant Man

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The concept of the pregnant man has been around in films and television productions before, but no one ever believed that it could be a representation of the truth. However, in the past few years, the issue of the pregnant man became more and more important and visible to all people. The two famous cases of the pregnant man, that of Thomas Beatie and that of Scott Moore, have shaken the world. While some communities managed to accept the idea and to include it into normal future practices, others more traditionalists have been simply devastated. The news about the apparition of the first pregnant man was bound to change the laws of normality in the world we live in. Even so, the fact should not be considered in a negative way, as the pregnant man is the start of a new evolution and of an even greater equality of chances. For the more traditional regions, who wish to stop the process and the stories about the pregnant man, this is something very difficult to understand.

Just as the apparition of the gay communities for men and women, the surface of the pregnant man issue affected the entire world. It is probably safe to say that the impact is somewhat similar and yet different in so many ways. The most important thing to keep in mind is that as everyone became accustomed to the gays, even if they liked it or not, they could very well accommodate to the new situation. The media outlets are still following the two men around to see what are the developments of their birthing. However, no new cases of the pregnant man have surfaced. Therefore, people are still waiting to see if other men will brave this process and decide to have a baby on their own or if the modern practice will disappear into oblivion. Until then, the concept of the pregnant man is still changing the way in which we see things today and the natural laws of the world in connection to the creation of a new family through the birth of a child.

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Pregnant Man – Can It Really Be Possible

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By now, Thomas Beatie has become well known as the first pregnant man in the world. Although Thomas Beatie nowadays has three children, people are still shocked when reading his story. In 2008, famous television host Oprah Winfrey introduced Thomas as the first pregnant man to all the viewers of her famous show. And if one thing is certain is that everyone asked the question if men can really get pregnant. The anatomy of the male body makes natural pregnancy impossible. Still, some researchers have claimed that male pregnancy can be a possibility. And Thomas Beatie already has given birth to three children. 

Well, although he is the first pregnant man to actually become a true celebrity, Thomas was not actually a man the moment when the gave birth. He was in fact born as a woman, starting a treatment to change his genre at the age of 20. He kept however his female sexual organs and this is actually the way he was able to give birth to a child. From this point of view, the whole issue is quite complex, as while some claim that pregnant man can give birth to healthy children, other actually say that it would be impossible. And when possible due to a complicated procedure, a pregnant man is at an increased risk of developing a series of complications during the pregnancy, as his body is not able to properly carry a baby.

Through genetic manipulation, pregnant man are able to carry and deliver a child, studies have shown. Still, the reality is that the only pregnant man known today is actually a person who was born as a woman. Another man announced a pregnancy in 2011, but the two cases are similar as both men were transsexuals. Despite the fact that men seem to have always been fascinated with the idea of pregnancy, none was able to conceive. Maybe with the developments in science and the medical world, pregnant man will be able to deliver safely in the following years. Anyway, until then, some specialists claim that 100 percent pregnancy is not possible for men.

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Pregnant Man Controversy

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The idea of a pregnant man was always controversial but when the first pregnant man gave birth to child, many have been completely shocked. It is a revolutionary idea, but is also a sign that many things changed in our society. As homosexuality is more and more accepted, these couples want to also become parents. They can do that through hormonal treatments and it takes a while until its effects are ready. A pregnant man will have a better connection with his baby, as it happens in the case of women. A pregnant man would also expose himself to many risks that may endanger his life and health.

Although the idea of a pregnant man may seem impossible, it is not. Technology and the amazing fertility discoveries that have been made, allow even men to give birth to babies. Religious people, but not only, blame the idea of a pregnant man and consider it a huge mistake. Being subjected to difficult and  risky surgical procedures to have uterus and vagina is the main step for a pregnant man. Fortunately, there are new methods and techniques that make this medical procedure an easier one, but this does not mean that involves no risks.

If a pregnant man may be perceived as a crazy one, there are others who accept this idea and are also very interested in the phenomenon. Although is a strange thing being a pregnant man, it is also fascinating. After the first pregnant man gave birth to a baby, the idea of pregnancy has changed for many people. It was also the main cause of new discussions and debates on this topic. Many have wondered if it is ethical or not, but the problem has not been solved yet. To be a pregnant man also depends on the law of each country. After the pregnant man gave birth, many other men were impressed by his courage and also realized that they can do the same thing.

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